Bobby Walker - Man of Action

Not only does Bobby look like Stone Cold Steve Austin (probably even better looking),

he is also a business execution badass. Downsized from his corporate job, he vowed

to build a business and secure a more solid future for his family.

A true man of action, Bobby started his cleaning business, TRT, the same day he

left the corporate world behind. Filled with humor, energy, and an infectious 

attitude - you are going to love Mr. Walker.

And when you hear the 2 sentences he says to every customer that gained an extra $4,000 in weekly revenue at the time we recorded... well, you are going to really love this guy!

You might even applaud. 

Now meet Bobby Walker - man of action.



Bobby Walker's Podcast "The Journey of the New Entrepreneur"

Keith Kalfas Window Cleaning Blueprint on YouTube

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