Chad Johnson is a very astute businessman.

The CEO of a strong 7 figure manufacturing business, that he visits only once per month. He also coaches 12 groups within Dan Sullivan's Strategic Coach program (he is my coach).

He shares the power of renewal through free days, principles of maximizing (exponentially) your value, and some pretty amazing, creative examples of innovating and adapting to the new world of covid - crisis.

Here the main resources from his interview.


Kolbe A assessment (this is the main one we use at our business)

Clifton's Strength Finder

DISC Profile

Print Profile

Strategic Coach


4 Questions to help you find your "Unique Ability"

• Am I passionate about it?

• Do I have superior skill in it?

• Does it give me energy and / or put me in flow?

• Is it an area of never ending improvement?



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