Episode 32: Meet Al Levi

Author and consultant, Al Levi has over 25 years of experience running his family's plumbing and HVAC company in NY. Founded in 1936, it was well established and had "systems"; but not all systems are created equal. After putting out the same fires daily, Al set out to systematize and create operational manuals for every role within the company. You'll enjoy his witty recounting of the struggles and successes he encountered along the way. 

For the past 15 years, Al has been using that experience to help other companies solve problems with his operational manuals. You'll glean a mountain of insight as Al explains his tried and true methods of systematizing most everything. Enjoy!

“If you can manage the 80%, then the 20% weird is not your problem”

“We were trying to slow down the bus coming at us by just throwing people in front of it.”

In this episode we discuss:

  • 8:40 An alternate application of the 80/20 principle that will save you time
  • 16:58 The secrets of power staffing 
  • 21:42 How create the employee you want: “There are way more willing people with no skills, than willing people that are also well trained.”

Resources from this episode:

Chat with Al and learn more about the process at 7powercontractor.com/

 Get Al's book here

 Michael Gerber's Emyth

Al's favorite book: Who Moved My Cheese?


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