Meet Victor Hubbard You won’t meet anyone with more knowledge of about SEO than Victor Hubbard. After many years in the yellow page sales circuit, Victor and his business partner, Dave Wade, figured out a way to help their customers move into the digital age. Thus was born Performance Driven Marketing. Grab your pen and paper, because this episode is packed full with everything you wanted to know about successful internet marketing. Victor explains everything from ALT text to how tell if your SEO company is credible. If you’re starting a business, or have plateaued in building up your new customer base, this is THE episode for you. Enjoy!

In this episode we discuss:

  • 8:39 Top things to know about SEO
  • 16:17 Cage match: company website VS Google my business page
  • 30:30 This ninja trick will add extra juice to your SEO results

Resources from this episode:

 Get your free website audit at PMD

ALWAYS have someone to answer your phone with help from Jill's Office

Quote and schedule seamlessly with Responsibid

Call tracking made easy with Callrail


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