Meet Matt Clark Matt Clark knows hustle. Hustle is in his bones. As a former NASCAR pit crew coach, he lives hustle at full throttle. Matt worked with drivers Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon, but his real fuel comes from helping other people clarify their vision of their life.

In our chat, Matt digs deep on the real questions that stop people from achieving their aspirations. “What can we automate? What can we delegate? What can we eliminate? What is your why?” Then we dive into the DiSC personality traits and how they can be leveraged to improve your communication and company culture. Enjoy!

In this episode we discuss:

  • 14:01 Who’s business are you building? Yours? Someone else’s?
  • 30:20 Matt explains the DiSC personality traits and how to use them to your advantage
  • 34:32 The three pillars of building a high performing team

Resources from this episode:

Free resources and coaching at Conquer

Improve your website with the help of Elementor

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