Nate Farrier Owner and founder of Northern Lightning Wash, a fleet and truck washing company in Traverse City, Michigan, Nate Farrier knows a thing or two about besting the elements. From nature to competitors, he shares how he began his company at the young age of 24 and quickly became #1 in the region. We touch on a variety of pertinent subjects, from unconventional solutions for the worker shortage to a brainstorm session on various subscription offerings. Nate likes to keep thinks simple, and his suggestions will inspire you to get creative in your own business. Enjoy!

“The right answer isn’t the best, it’s the most duplicatable”

In this episode we discuss:

  • 10:13 Nate explains how he was able to dominate the market and become #1
  • 15:03 Outside the box thinking: can a second location solve your worker shortage?
  • 33:35 A free “cookie”? This sales skill could turn into recurring revenue

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