Meet Kenny Chapman Entrepreneur, business consultant, public speaker, author. These roles are all rooted in the number one value of Kenny Chapman: freedom. In our conversation, Kenny reminisces on his early path from the military service into the service industry. After starting in HVAC, Kenny admits he was not the most skilled technician, but striving for personal freedom helped focus his course. His objectives: to be good at business and to help people at a higher level. While in the trenches, he conquered these challenges and a new dream was born: the Blue Collar Coach.  This episode is bursting with nuggets of wisdom as we discuss everything from customer retention to profit maximizers.  Listen in, then listen again, you won’t regret it.

“People love to buy, they want influence, help and assistance”

“The client does not want the lowest price, they want the best value”


In this episode we discuss:

  • 9:25 How not being a high achieving technician could be advantageous
  • 17:17 Ways to change the conversation from price to value
  • 28:40 Self care: the answer for getting more done in less time?

Resources from this episode:

The Blue Collar Book

Blue Collar resources

The E-Myth

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