Meet Julie Broad Real estate investor. Public speaker. Mom. Amazon best selling author. Julie Broad holds all these titles, but her favorite is self-ascribed “Book Broad”. Julie tells her story about how she was determined to share what she learned in the school of hard knocks AKA real life real estate investing. After being rejected by a publisher, Julie proved to herself, and the rest of the world, she had what it takes to be a best selling author. Julie recounts how she went about self publishing her book. This fast paced and fun interview will help you understand why you should write a book and better yet, how it can help your business.

“It’s marketing that doesn’t get thrown out”

“Your story itself, it will be boring, if you try to round out the edges people know that you there”

In this episode we discuss:

  • 6:44 A happy accident led to doubling her income
  • 10:33 Why a small business owner should write a book
  • 22:58 The average joe’s blue prints for writing a book

Resources from this episode:

Check out the 7 Steps for yourself!

Julie's YouTube

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