So what's this all about?

What is the 80/20 Principle, and how can you harness it in your business and life to "Work less, Earn more, and Be free?"

This short intro gives you the lowdown, and will set the framework to see how small efforts can bring you huge results.

Welcome to the 80/20 Show.



Quick Bio


Hi. I'm Sid Graef and I own 2 boutique service businesses in western Montana. 

Both are highly automated and profitable.  One is a window cleaning company with 15+ employees

and the other is an auto detailing company with 4 employees.

We started the window cleaning in 2003 and ran it as a typical owner operator for a decade. 

When we decided to grow and automate it, we went from averaging 100 new customers a year, 

to over 100 new customers a month. Now, it runs almost completely without me. (I still like to handle the marketing and PR)

We bought the auto detail business in 2017. It consisted of a box of odd supplies and a website.

It now generates a mid 6 figure revenue, and we detail hundreds of cars per year.

But I have only detailed 1 car personally.

The 80/20 Service Business Podcast (the 80/20 Show) was started as a collaboration between Mike Dahlke and me, with the purpose of helping you build a better, stronger, more automated and profitable business by harnessing the natural laws of business, leveraging the 80/20 principle and working less. A lot less.

It is based on helping you build a business that serves you. Not the other way around.


Resources from this episode 

 Vilfredo Pareto

 The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Get a copy of Perry Marshall's excellent book 80/20 Sales and Marketing - The Ultimate Guide to Working Less and Making More for one penny plus shipping (we worked out a special deal for our listeners) Just click here 


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Why? Because it will help someone improve their life and business. Thanks!


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